Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kenneth Goldsmith – Soliloquy

All right, we're gone. See you soon. The lights are going out. It's finished already. You walked in, it's finished. See you around, all right? All right c'mon, c'mon. Congratulations. Keep those toes away from you know who. Bye Laura. OK, we said good-bye to her. Didn't do a thing. So my microphone broke. 35 dollar microphone I think it's still under warrantee. It just wasn't coming out clearly so I had to keep this thing running. Nam June Paik. He looks exactly like Nam June. No, it's not a good move. No, it's not a good move. Really, I thought the same thing. Oh boy. Oh, that was a good dinner. Those guys are really fun. Yeah, yeah. They're loose, you know? I mean they you can just say anything. I knew it was a reality check when when I saw Lauren Wittels on the street I was like abuse those kids and oh no and I was like, oh boy. I gotta start watching what I'm saying. Yeah. We can play it back and have laughs. I've done everything from John Post Lee to Marjorie Perloff to to uh uh to John Newman to Benjamin Weil three times to Cybersuds I've got it all on tape. I've got one more fucking day of this and then it's over, thank god. What? Yeah, maybe wouldn't it be funny I'll sort of say something to Swami? Oh boy. Hey there they are again. They are. They're in every window those those animals. Uh, god. So, that was fun. I like her, she's cool. She's definitely cool. She's, I've I've never seen this hor horrible side of her. I'm sure I will at some point but I really have yet to. Lovely. What does that mean hulk? Is he fat? Yeah, he really looked like he put some weight on, doesn't he? Yeah oh, too bad. I like Benjamin. He's so nice. He's such a nice he's such a nice guy. He just, I mean I really like him. What's his story he's just the run the guy that runs adaweb but what else about him? I mean he seems so nice and so loose and so goofy like he's one of the people that you don't know but you you feel like you know him and you can just joke with him? Like I'm just just so free joking with the guy and I don't even know him? He's he's really nice. Oh, we got three in the first thing in the morning Diane and Lois are leaving at 4 a.m. Oh who knows? Whatever. And then and then starting at nine starting in the morning we got we got those mutts. Oh. That was funny what she was saying about his about the toes and his like well, she's she she gets affectionate and I don't like that! I know that. I get the sense she's a hot she's hot and and hot to trot and I'll bet and I'll bet once he once he gets going he's OK but. He's I he's a funny guy. How about like I don't know we I don't know he's that was a good dinner. Did you have fun? Yeah yeah. Ah, she's outrageous Janet. She's about as outrageous as I am, which I like. Oh, well, we were just dishing. It's all in fun. We've said that before, didn't we? Didn't we? You and I have said that before. And I said after I said after the bump on I said after the bump on the head he lost all those stupid politics. Ah, fucking bending match sticks over, you know? I said well that knock on the head really got rid of those nasty politics of his. Ahhh. Yeah, I'm just an asshole. Really, don't listen to me. Don't listen to anything I say. That Stefano is a funny guy. Well we had a lot of laughs. That was good. Ahhh. Oh, so I saw Gary Simmons tonight for about the first time in about five years. At Metro. He gave me a big huge. He was like Gary, you know? I haven't seen Gary since the since around the L.A. riots was the last time I saw Gary which was what, about four or five years ago? And, uh, he gave me a big hug he was the same. We talked about Bets and Tiffah, you know, and I said hey, I hope I see ya sometime sooner than the last time I saw you. I mean, really, I have not seen Gary since the L.A. riots. I was at his house the day they broke out. That was that was it. Yeah, it was, yeah, no no that was the night of the day and the first thing in the morning it was going and I was at Gary's and he was like, oh shit man, fucking shit's hitting the fan. And I was, yeah, I was at his place up on Broome St. and then. I don't know, we talked for two minutes, you know. Yeah. He doesn't look as good. Thank god I looked when I cut my hair off. Ahhh. Another big day tomorrow. What? No this week has been particularly insane. I know. I mean we've just been non stop parties and events, I mean, it's really been a weird a strange strange week. I'm be glad to stop taping. How long do you think it will take me to type every word I've spoken this week? Probably what I'll work on in France. I'll probably just sit there and transcribe all this language from this week. I mean it's so easy to say words, you know how long it takes to type the sentence that I'm just speaking right now? A letter. Yeah, and how about just like gibberish? I've probably got 36 hours worth of tape. Yeah. Yeah, you don't speak at night and then there are some times when I'm when I'm sort of quiet. Believe it or not. So who else looked.. .

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