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Jackson Mac Low - Words nd Ends from Ez

    II. From Eleven New Cantos XXXI-XLI

    (paRts om Paris s
    Potomac, . . .
    cOmmerce n fUrther e is Not owneD Ead yZia d oR untAin
    Perennial cOry . . . . moUs turNip f SweDen . . . .
    E iZing s,
    gReat the
    Ancient Property . . .
    tO mpUte itiNg,
    o reaD Esop’s nZa heRefore by nAture Prussia,
    hOg d,
    GUstavus ou iN ur olD E TZin ntRa,
    out À P-
    about rÔle r d’Une tioN ccorDing Eur nZoff . . .
    foR depArture,
    Purchase e Only iqUe ve aNy alkeD Espeare,
    teR e peAce Pain?”

    FOr e mUst goiNg.

    orteD E nZoff . . .
    ouR ridA Ppi . . . .
    tO d cUre . . .
    off Newfoundland.

    ecteD E)
    eZuela n oRder to mAke Ppear tO e mUch e miNds ecteD Eelings....
    iZing ntRy ike A Pope’s NOt atUre.

    beeN breaD,
    Esman cZ hoRrors f plAying Particular cOme raUlain to Nearly
    meboDy Else iZe veR onvAbitch Ppe hOm leUropa laiNed
    hOut coUntess ere Nobles

    with Dortmund E,
    nis peRfect rer:
    A Peautiful pOy woUlt htoNe ks
    anD En n Zent y aRe n HAtvany!

    Plied e On thUs h HuNgarian e finD E n-
    Zaria fuRnished old A Price hOlesale
    plUs tioN hey wD.

    En aZir ouRs in nAme P tO e bUilt f VeNice.

    a loaD-
    Eavy aZeth heR,
    rom All Proceedeth.

    sUrely u orNate stanDers,
    Ers aZe”

    deRstood explAins,
    cOndemning foUnd,
    I caN they Dug Ed iZed ’s)
    pResident nds At Press . . .
    tO on,
    Used thaN rienDly Eeling yZed weRed s thAn Presidents tOgether”

    n BUren
    er iN bank”

    Damned Ellow eZia d a Rabbit’s oot,
    And Perform y Operations t aUtomatically steN o reaDers E iZschniz
    leR inMAy Put tOry e MUscou liaN e,
    “how Do E iZation en,
    Romeo unhAppily Pparently dO e sUicided ariNg er boDy E rZa,
    ouR s
    thAn Payments tOry caUsed ry,
    aNy is anD E eZzo-
    weRe to hAve Potbellies cOme lyUm ut;
    ANd ht;
    AnD E aZza.


    f ’em All Pope gOes caUse he baNks sh,
    AnD Ese Uzzano hoRtage n plAce Ps,
    s Of e dUe mmuNe rlorD,
    Eep oZart tuRal tz’ fAther Pt vOn ck Up s,
    HiNdenburg’s even Dollar Er nZa,
    “SuRe ey wAnt P lOp,
    blUe bboNs alleD E

    15-16 January 1981
    New York

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