Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Gertrude Stein – An Exercise in Analysis

I have given up analysis. Splendid profit. I have paid my debt to humanity. Hurry. Climb. In climbing do not be contented. Run ahead. Run on ahead. Have you a knife. Do not see soldiers ahead they swim. So they do. When we wheel where there is a turnings. That is the meaning of wheel. Acts are longer. Places resemble their mother. They have the beauty of their father and the intelligence of their mother. A long time. Who is the packer. Miss Morton comes first. Extra size plates. Believe in saying divided duty. Believe in saying a delay divided is divided between a mother and Mrs. Turner. Can you wish me that. I can wish you winds. All winds make water. I can wish you water. I can wish you a drawing of a little goat in a great deal of work. Work is pleasant to me. In acting again we are acting offensively. He doesn’t like the poor in Barcelona they do not like the poor. What did she see when she saw men swimming. Examples. Examples and examples. All examples of children. Now to ask guns. Now to ask colors. She was settled for it. For life. For me. Come again for three days come again for three days come again for three days. All the ways of pigeons. All ways and deception. She did not deceive me. Do not deceive her cousin. Her cousin makes powder. Heat. Can you counsel me. I want to know something and Miss Douglas won’t tell me. May I ask it. Do you feel strong. When. When you write. And memory. Do you believe in memory and in credibility. Do you have winter weather here. We do not allow Mr. Douglas to be contradicted here. We do not desire that he should feel himself beginning to be about to be wrong. Then you agree with what ever he says. I do not say that this is so I say so. Now I understand. Can you match streets. Can you believe in parks. Do you like democracy. Have you a king in Greece. There are plenty of places in which to be idle. Not all of them agreeable. Not when there is likelihood of invasion. We live here. Can you forgive me. Can you see that I have heard that the meaning of extravagance is in doing that again. Doing that again. I partly said author. This is reasonable food. This is not an unreasonable carriage. There is plenty of rubber in America. And in Europe. In the middle of the river there is not always water. Not in Spain. Nor in Mexico. Nor in Arizona. Please me when you do please me. And in there. Where. In the room. When can you believe me. When can he believe me. When can they say they wonder. When shall we have another. Recollections. To a duchess. A dowager duchess. A husband. A husband and a wife. Splendid leaves. He introduced me. They introduced me too. Can you recollect missing him. Can you follow me quickly. He was a boy. You are once more an American. Can you remember what she said. can you remember him. He will be glad not to have married Sylvia. He will never be needed in the business. He will never be needed in that business. He is ashamed of his message. She is ashamed of her system. He is never neglected. I am awfully sorry. Thanks so much. We ask for him. We can send butter. Mrs. Turner can come. In the winter. Remember the weather. A kind way. A very kind way. I am really in search of a flavor. So am I. Can you see numbers. Can you read the numbers. And four. Smiles. I can see what I hear. I can hear too. I can I when I wish. So can Mrs. Turner. More silky that ever how do you do it. Houses. Can we see the set. The set of what. I borrow you. Why do you have that. Because it pleases me. You said you would not be married. Plenty of space to put things together. Here is plenty of space. There is an excuse. There is not excuse. We went to-day. We went there to-day. I cannot repeat what they say. Neither can I. Can you speak to me. Can you speak to me here. Can you speak to me about it. Can you speak to me about anything. Can you speak to me. Can you complain to-day. Can you. Do you know about wishes. I do know all about it. Can you recollect me. What were the opportunities of meeting you. What have you sold. Why are you so certain. I want to be simple too. Of course you do. Can you come at four. Yes indeed. Can you understand me. I can understand you very well. Do you agree with Miss Crutwell. I do not. Can you be to blame. Can they be to blame in this. Can they request a questions. Can they see they are polite. No they cannot feel the purpose. No they cannot have time. No they can be observant. No indeed for me. I do not like such a declaration. Do not tell me about birds. What is a bird. We have suffered. I can cure anything. So can most fishes. And birds. And water-fowl. There is plenty to blame. The introductions. Waiting. And memory. Please be mannish. Please do. Please be a sailor. Please be womanish. A bird. There are many parts to the bird. She knows. So do I. I am not amused. It was a copy. It was a copy. It was a copy. Do not make a mistake. Take care. Have a pleasant time. Remain there. I express and opinions. You express and opinion too. Can you say that you excuse me. Can you say that you excuse him from the room. Can you say anything about it. She doesn’t mind. She doe not mind. Neither does she mind. We do not mind him. Leave us in that way. Was she the first one to say do you smoke. Was he the last one here. To be here. can you see very much. can you see very much here. Here and there. Can you paint that, the color of that house. Yes I can. Thank you. Satisfy them. Do satisfy them. Do they make that noise. They do or they do not. Can you finish. And make a mistake. And not make a mistake there. And have a treasure. Of course I have a treasure. Of course I have so much thought. Do not be ungrateful. To me. Can you believe me when I swim. Can you trust me. can you have a wife. Please do not mentions that address. To me. Do not believe me when I tell you that it is so. In the sense that as. Spread it. To Hungary. And New York. This was what I meant. Oh did you indeed. The next time we go we will go together. Please me. Do please me. Please me pleasantly. Yes I will. Can you sing. I have asked you that before. I can ask you again. You can if you like. can you not vary it. By what. By making changes. Oh yes. Why do you wish me to eat differently. You mean less quickly. I mean what I say. Yes it is true. Can you come together. Can you come together. Can you come together. Can you come together. Can you come together. What is the name of the bedding. It is different. Of course it is different. Then don’t explain. Can you be foolish. You mean in your thoughts. In recommending a novel. Get all the books you can. Not disappointed. Not in there. Call me. Call me Ellen.

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